Little Farm Goat Dairy is the realisation of a long-time dream. For the past fifteen years, Andrea Gauland has been developing her cheesemaking skills through trial, error, voracious reading, and a love of all things cheese-y. Her family have been the only ones allowed to enjoy her delicious efforts—until now. Due to a combination of fortuitous circumstances, encouragement from friends and family, and perhaps more than a dash of insanity, Little Farm Goat Dairy was born, allowing Andrea to share her work with the wider community.

Cheese is an alchemy of milk, rennet and culture. Through the art of the cheesemaker, the same ingredients can become many different flavours, textures and even colours, to tantalise the senses and delight the palate. At Little Farm Goat Dairy, we milk the goats and make the cheese, giving us control over every aspect from beginning to end.

farmers' market table