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Artisan Goat Cheese from Te Hua Farm


Little Magnolia Breakfast Cheese

breakfast cheese

Inspiration for this wee cheese was taken from Andrea's first taste of an artisan type of cheese as a young girl growing up in Northern California. In the late 1800s, dockworkers would head to the saloon bar for breakfast of cheese, salted meat, pickled eggs and a mug of beer. Today, this creamy, tangy fresh cheese is enjoyed in many more ways, and is not just for breakfast anymore! It is a moreish treat combined with a tart fruit jam on a crusty loaf, or served with crackers and gherkins. Magnolia was our foundation Toggenburg doe, a lovely grand dam.


Chevre herb log

Just about any receipe referring to 'goat cheese' will be talking about chevre. This particular version of that age-old French cheese is soft, spreadable and absolutely lucious on a fresh, warm bagel or fruit scone. Also available in a crumbly version, perfect for salads, eggs and even pizza!



Dry-cured, this feta has the typical 'zing' imparted by goat milk, and is a tasty addition to many dishes; salads, pizzas, and the classic Eggs Florentine with a handful of fresh baby spinach leaves.